February 20, 2015

Genggoro Dictionary Client for Google Chrome™ Reference

The basic usage of Genggoro Dictionary Client for Google Chrome (GDC-CR) can be found in Tutorial 1.

Keyboard shortcut

Click "Keyboard shortcuts" at the bottom of the extensions management page (chrome://extensions) to define a keyboard shortcut to open the panel (dictionary selector).


To open the options page, click "Options" in the extensions management page.

The app ID of GDS

Enter the app ID of GDS to connect to when you open the panel. The user of GDS Basic doesn't need to change this value.

Hover search key and search delay

In Tutorial 1, you learned how to look up the text under the cursor (this type of search is often called "hover search"). In this section, we'll look more closely at how the hover search works.

  1. First of all, you need to select at least one GDD to do a hover search (you can select multiple GDDs at a time).

  2. Hold down the modifier keys checked in the "hover search keys" option field ("Ctrl" by default) and then (the order matters) move the cursor over the text to look up.

  3. Wait the amount of time specified (in milliseconds) in the "search delay" option field without moving the cursor or releasing the "hover search keys" or pressing other keys, otherwise the search is canceled. This restriction prevents unwanted search requests from being made while you are moving the cursor around or when you use frequently used keyboard shortcuts such as "Ctrl-C".

  4. A certain amount of text starting from or including the character under the cursor is sent to the GDS for searching.

  5. If a match is found, a popup containing the search result is displayed. If no match is found, nothing happens.

Panel width

The width of the panel in pixels.

Maximal panel height

The maximal height of the panel in pixels.

Badge color

The color of a small icon with the two-letter dictionary code displayed on top of the extension icon when you select a GDD.

Send font list

Sending a list of fonts available on your system to the GDS allows you to use a font selector to choose fonts used to display search results. This functionality is only available in GDS Advanced.

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