February 20, 2015

Genggoro Dictionary Client for Mozilla Firefox® Reference

The basic usage of Genggoro Dictionary Client for Mozilla Firefox (GDC-FF) can be found in Tutorial 2.

The development of GDC-FF is suspended now because Firefox's add-on system is in the process of migrating to the model similar to Chrome's. I'll resume the development once the new system has matured enough.


To open the options page, click "Options" in the add-ons management page (about:addons).

Port number

The value of this field must match the value of the "Port number" field in the settings window of GDS.

Hover search keys and search delay

See Genggoro Dictionary Client for Google Chrome™ Reference for detail.

Panel width

The width of the panel in pixels.

Maximal panel height

The maximal height of the panel in pixels.

Keyboard shortcut to open the panel

You can define a keyboard shortcut to open the panel. The format is:

  1. "f1", "f2", ... ,"f24" (function keys)

  2. One or more modifier keys ("alt", "control", "shift", "accel", "meta", "pageup", "pagedown") + one letter key ("a" - "z") combined with a "-" (e.g. "control-q", "control-shift-b", etc.)

Badge color

The color of a small icon with the two-letter code for the selected GDD (badge) displayed on top of the extension icon when you select a GDD.

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