April 19, 2015

QuickBlock User Guide

QuickBlock is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly (un-)block images, scripts and plugins. You can download and install QuickBlock from Chrome Web Store.


  1. Popup mode (default)

    Click on the "traffic cone" icon to open the popup window and check content types to block.

    This extension overwrites browser's "content settings" option values (chrome://settings/content). You can restore the original values at any time by pressing the "Clear" button.

  2. One-click mode

    In the one-click mode, you can toggle the content settings without opening the popup window. To enable the one-click mode, open the options page, then check "Enable one-click mode" and content types to block.

  3. Keyboard shorcut

    You can also toggle the content settings by keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcut can be set in the extensions management page.

Copyright and License


Copyright (c) 2012-2015 Genggoro. All rights reserved.

No copy, reuse, modification or redistribution is allowed without prior permission from Genggoro.

The statement above doesn't apply to the third-party components bundled with this product. For more information, read the next section.

Third-party components

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