June 22, 2015

Genggoro Cantonese-English Dictionary v0.1.1 released

Genggoro Cantonese-English Dictionary (GDD-CT) version 0.1.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release.

You can download GDD-CT from Chrome Web Store.


  1. I'm using this dictionary. After some fiddling i got it to work. However, it seems to work only sporadically. Sometimes the popup appears sometimes it doesn't, most of the time it doesn't. Additionally, I changed the search delay variously to 100ms, 10ms, 1ms, but this did not seem to affect the time taken for the popup to appear.

    1. Could you give me more information on your issue such as:

      - how to reproduce the issue
      - OS (Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Linux, etc.)
      - browser version

      As far as I know, the dictionary client (GDC) for Chrome sometimes has issues with the 'Cantonese Sheik Forum' site and I still have no idea what causes it.

      As for the search delay, let me explain a little bit about the search process. The search process is divided into the following steps:

      1. Press the CTRL key and hold it down until the step 5.
      2. Move the cursor to text to look up.
      3. Stop moving the cursor.
      4. Wait for X milliseconds (X = "search delay").
      5. The text is sent to the dictionary.
      6. The popup appears if there's a match, nothing happens otherwise.

      Things to note:

      - You need to move the cursor after the step 1.
      - If you release the CTRL key or press other keys before the step 5, the search process is canceled.
      - If you move the cursor during the step 4, the search process is canceled.
      - If the search process is canceled or finished (after the step 5), you need to press the CTRL key again to start another search.

      So, setting the "search delay" option to a very low value (such as 1ms) is actually problematic because it may make an unintended search request too easily (and perhaps end up with no result) before getting to the text you actually want to look up and you need to start over from the step 1 to make another search request.